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What happened since the last blog post?

HY Kendo

First of all, we are all very sorry for not having posted anything for such a long time, but well you know - busy student life is busy (#deep).

How about we do a very brief catch-up? Don't worry, it's gonna be short! 

1. The Board has changed (#allfemaleboard), and they came up with some pretty cool stuff (stay tuned!).
2. We got some new medals (all sortsa colours!).
3. We got some new grades (all sortsa levels!).
4. Some of our members were preparing (are preparing) for the 17th World Kendo Championships in Incheon, Korea next week + and some of our members were providing significant help in the preparations. 
5. We went to the Opening Carnival of the University of Helsinki.

We promise to blog about all of these points and also to write some other articles!