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Helsinki Kendo Open 2018

HY Kendo

So there was a massive radio silence again. Sorry for that. Anyways, it’s time to catch up with all the happenings, let’s start with Helsinki Kendo Open 2018 (given that Helsinki Kendo Open 2019 is approaching…).

For those who don’t know, Helsinki Kendo Open has been held first in 2017. Of course there has been a very similar competition before (Dan Cup), but you know…everything is XYZ Open nowadays, so we had to join the “cool competition name gang”. The competition consists of both individual (ladies dan, open dan) and team (3 ppl team) divisions. Mixed teams are allowed, and encouraged.
We made some nice results: Otto became 1st in the open division, Thomas 3rd aaand Merci won the ladies division. Otto’s team also won the bronze medal, and the team in which Merci was ended up winning the competition. Yey!