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Helsinki University Kendo Club won the Finnish Kendo Championship!

HY Kendo

Helsinki University Kendo Club did it again. Club’s team 1 won the championship!

Merci also won bronze in the Dan Cup.

Club participated to this year’s Team Championship with two teams. The other one led this year by Heikka, the other one by Thomas. Team 2 fought hard in the pools and all the players got valuable shiai-experience.

Team 1 won all the games in the tournament. The final was against Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi’s team 1, with high level kendoka, all current or former members of the national team ring. The final started with Merci wrestling a draw with an opponent twice her size. On the second round Saara fought hard, but lost by 1 point to KKTI’s other jodan-player Toni. Our club’s most advanced player, Sakari, took a 2-point victory with two men-strikes. Heikka was switched to play the fourth position, hoping to get a jodan-player to the opposite side. The switch was a success and Heikka won 2-0 with a dramatic ippon-point after the time had stopped. Tuomas fought a draw, so the win was definite.


Here is some pictures, taken by Otto (who couldn’t participate because of an illness)

Both teams rejoicing!

Saara has just made a kote point

Merci and the traditional Hungarian battle face

Merci wrestling in the final

"I knew" thinks Sakari and winks at Otto

Tuomas watching as lesser kendoka fall to their bottoms

The Flag of Every Colour is ours!

The Flag of Every Colour is ours!

More picture on our Facebook page

And videos at mr. Kremcheev's Youtube