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The New President - Jenni

HY Kendo

The year 2015 brought some changes for HYkendo, the most wonderful of which is the start of Jenni Nissi’s presidency. Here is a small interview introducing Jenni to all of you!


Hey, Jenni! How has your presidency started?

– So good so far. I continue from where my predecessor left things standing.


Why did you become the president of Helsinki University kendo club?

– I was asked to. Twice.


What is your greatest challenge as a president? Any special goals for your term?

– I wish I could inspire more people to give kendo a try. I want to be remembered for all the awesome crazy parties I held.


Is there something that needs fixing or improving in the club?

– We are quite a small club and I’d like to make people more aware of our wonderful group. Everybody needs budo in their lives!


What is the best thing in acting in a student organization? What about the worst?

– I’ve got to know many amazing people and I’m extremely grateful for that.  I started out in the board by writing our documents which I gather not so many wanted to do. As a student of literature my comprehension of numbers limits to dates of births and deaths and first publications. So I gladly let somebody else take care of the financial stuff.


Have you been involved in other student organizations?

– Actually no! Never. Maybe it’s the power of kendo and friends?


What is your your major and how do you feel kendo has affected your student life?

– I study comparative literature. Kendo brings very much needed diversity to my life. It’s important to exercise when you’d otherwise just sit still and read all day long.


How many study credits do you have? How many student allowance months left?

– As I stated earlier I’m not good with numbers.


Have you already spent your student loan on a new bogu set?

– This is a political question. I am against all manipulative government actions that are designed to destroy the (financial) wellbeing of Finnish, already poverty-stricken students!


How and when did you start practicing kendo? How often do you train?

– It was January 2011 when I took part in HYKendo’s beginner’s course. Nowadays I practice kendo 2 to 3 times a week. Before my nidan grading last year, I practiced more and tried to improve my kata.


Have you set any goals for your ”kendo career”? What motivates you to train?

– I don’t have any particular goals. I do kendo as long as it’s fun.


You have arrived to HYY’s chairperson seminar where salad and wine is served. Are you having the salad because you thought that there would be food available or because you don’t dare to take just the wine?

– Last time I was hungry. I never have scruples about free alcohol.


Jenni giving the thumbs up

Jenni giving the thumbs up