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Basic Course


The training times are:
Tuesdays 8.00-9.00 @UniSport Porthania
Fridays 8.00-9.00 @UniSport Porthania

The course fee is 60 euros which covers everything: practice fee for the end of the spring season, club membership, Finnish Kendo Association membership and insurance (please tell us if you have your own insurance that covers kendo). All you need for the course is sweat pants and a T-shirt. The basic course is held in the same time with the regular practices.

The course lasts about a 2-3 months and after that training continues with the same schedule. We are super international, and all speak English, don't worry!

More info about how the payments are dealt with and registrations by email through our treasurer, Saara: saarak.poyhonen (at)

Can I join Helsinki University Kendo Club?

Helsinki University Kendo Club is a student club for students and faculty of Helsinki University and UniSport cooperation universities. If you are a UniSport student member, you can join our club and its basic course.

The universities of applied sciences (polytechnics) are not UniSport cooperation universities, so unfortunately the students of these universities can not join our club. In this case you could do your basic course in another Helsinki club: Ki-ken-tai-icchi or Tapanila Ken Kai

After finishing basic course you are free to practice at any club!

Course fee

Course fee is 60 euro, including membership fee, insurance and training fee for the spring season. Payment details can be asked for from Saara, the treasurer: (saarak.poyhonen (at) Please e-mail her the following info too:


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Do you already posess a kyu-grade in kendo?

Please contact the president (Merci - mercedesz.czimbalmos(at) if you have anything else (other then registration-related practicalities) to ask.

What should I bring with me?

You only need a t-shirt and sweatpants. We practice barefeet. Shinai (bamboo sword) you can borrow from the club during the course. You can buy a shinai from KKTI during the course.

Registration and additional info

You are free to just pop in at the open starting practice and registrate afterwards.

You can also registrate to the course by sending email to the Treasurer. Any member of the administration will be happy to answer all of your questions concerning the course and the club!

Helsinki University Kendo club has a email-list for information sharing about kendo related activities. To join the list send email to address majordomo at helsinki dot fi with text in message field "subscribe kendo-tiedotus your_own_email_address". Topic field should be left empty. You will receive a confirmation email.